Motor system:

Using brushless motor series excited of high effciency industrial grade, there are two selected configurations of single phase voltage (110V / 220V); its enameled heat levels up to 200 degrees, specifically designed for long crane.

Brake system:

Dual brake system with one mechanical ratchet gear brakes and the other brake resistor short circuit controller, formula oiled copper disc brakes with high friction coeffcient, which needs no adjustment;immediately brake in power outage or malfunction, great safety and long life.

Security systems:

Cable stops automatically over the volume limit, cable stops automatically when inversing.

Electronkc control system:

Direct control which saves tedious lines and has the advantages ofeasy maintenance, low failure rate, security and stability, congm. Switch with separate power line and quick connector makes it easy to carry.

Cable Specifcations:

Japan imported steel wire from large manufacturing firms with 3-fold safety factor.

Gear system:

Use drive bevel reducing gear of high efficiency, heat treated alloy steel geat with its intensity three times higher than the rated hoist.

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