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Buy JENTAN chain hoists Which products are covered?

JENTAN chain hoists used more widely, but at the same time more and more rampant fake and shoddy products, so some users do not know when to buy select which of the product is good, in order to help you better select products, below Xiaobian provide some of their own advice for you.

   First, select the hoists should choose Zhejiang JENTAN Machinery Co., Ltd. products, because the company has a long history, and has been able to survive in this highly improper competition, there must be other brands can not and advantages that the majority of users It can be seriously considered; secondly, the Company's production chain hoists quality is absolutely safe and secure, if you experience any problems with the process used in the quality, we will be responsible in the end.

   Additionally, if you use the process encountered any trouble can promptly consult us; and finally, you ever considered why so many people choose Jin Teng chain hoists it is precisely because of its superior performance, as well as to use? extremely convenient, it has been more and more popular and trust, people are using it more and more as time passes.

   Jin Teng chain hoists election on the election of Zhejiang JENTAN Limited production chain hoists, absolutely will not let you regret it. We hope that our products can give you a lift to work help!

What a bad influence JENTAN chain hoists depressed housing there?

Affects one: JENTAN chain hoists depressed housing will squeeze its internal space, causing internal parts of the housing workspace smaller, thus affecting their normal work. It is also possible when its internal parts chain hoists same impact severely damaged, it is very serious that we should try to avoid;

Influence II: depressed housing also make double pigeon hoists prone card chain issues. Depressed housing is to reduce the running space lifting chain, so we pull hoist lifting heavy objects by hand, if the chain is slightly tilted card chain issues may occur, we work to bring trouble;

Three effects: depressed housing not only hard JENTAN hoists unsightly but also accelerate its scrap rate and protective effect of housing will severely reduced. Depressed housing its performance greatly reduced, and the phenomenon easy to rust, so when the housing after the recess we should repair immediately.

JENTAN chain hoists depressed housing will bring us a tremendous impact, in order to make us to be more successful in lifting, please use caution chain hoists!

JENTAN chain hoists for work which has brought people convenience?

Chain hoists lifting industry is simple to use and easy to carry the manual lifting of machinery. It as an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, with all the advantages of a fixed pulley, and also uses a combination of double-pawl brake and chain pulley block, symmetrically arranged two spur gears rotating structure, simple, easy to carry features. We can say that it brings convenience to people's work, and how is easy to do, please listen to us carefully to have?:

       Chain hoists lifting weights is one of the essential products, widely used in equipment installation shipbuilding, electric power, telecommunications, transportation and other sectors, lifting items, mechanical traction, especially in small workplaces, outdoor high-altitude operations and a variety of different angles of traction. On construction sites, wharves and warehouses will be used chain hoists, which can help people achieve move heavy objects. Chain hoists can also be used in conjunction with a variety of monorail, combined into a transport trolley for overhead monorail transport, manual single girder overhead crane and jib crane. In so many industries, it can be seen everywhere chain hoists figure.

       JENTAN chain hoists good quality, excellent quality, has been recognized by our customers, always be your choice - Jin Teng chain hoists used in the process, if not careful, it is easy to hit with sharp objects occur causing the housing dishing. Depressed housing will bring us a lot of trouble, not only will reduce the performance of hoists JENTAN will give us security threat.

How to choose your own chain hoists?

Lifting industry is a dangerous profession, so people are very valued safety issues, they will be safety first, there are many types of chain hoists chain hoists on the market in the choice of time, that we can choose how ? to suit their own chain hoists chain hoists it choose to pay attention to the following points:

    1, according to the weight of the heavy lifting to choose tonnage chain hoists;

    2, can be selected according to the chain hoist work environment;

    3, the best choice for regular manufacturers, regular manufacturers in terms of quality is guaranteed;

    4, the choice of chain hoists, you must first choose the right brand; Jin Teng chain hoists manufacturer with advanced production equipment, sophisticated technology and equipment, improve the detection means. Its production of compact chain hoists, light weight, small size, durability, high efficiency, hand-pull small, safe, easy maintenance, gear housing rigidity, good anti-collision capabilities, more effective protection inner parts. For a long time, companies follow: quality first, service first. Let people work better and live better.

JENTAN chain hoists Why stand out?

In recent years, chain hoists many brands o n the market, many users are spoiled for choice, and in many of the chain hoists, chain hoists JENTAN stand out, nature has its unique advantages of the United States, let's look at it What is unique about the United States have.

1. beautiful appearance, bright colors, can serve as a warning, but can see there is a play with high-end, the atmosphere, the grade of temperament.

Type 2 chain hoists more, it has a mature production technology, design and attention to detail, makes the product not only engaging, but also more durable that a truly durable.

3. Focus on operational safety issues, hoists good selection of core components, parts quality assurance, failure can be reduced to enhance the operational safety of the product.

JENTAN describes the internal structure of chain hoists

Zhejiang JENTAN chain hoists in the lifting operation when very light, with very high mechanical efficiency, can easily complete lifting heavy objects, installation of equipment, such as lifting operation, thanks to product transfer force When a very high efficiency, today we have to analyze the reasons. As a result of the force transfer gear structure, and with each transmission between the components is very reasonable, from manual hand chain sprocket teeth way five major axis, sheet gears, spline hole gear, lifting wheel, ultimately lifting chain process, having a low wear characteristics, does not consume too much force, in the case where the resistance is very small, the force is transmitted to the final part, so that the product can be sensitive jobs. Described above is King Teng chain hoists manufacturers greatest feature internal structure of products, mainly due to the product's design is very reasonable, and it has such a high efficiency. I hope you gain something through this article, you can also this point as an important indicator of your purchase.

   JENTAN chain hoists have been loved by the majority of users, reducing the labor of workers, improve their working efficiency. Zhejiang JENTAN specializing in the production chain hoists, JENTAN chain hoists, electric chain hoist and other lifting products, the user first Zhejiang JENTAN business philosophy, to provide users with high-quality lifting products, will be dedicated in the service efforts, allowing users to get more reliable with the best cost-effective products. Welcome to the new and old customers to buy.

Chain hoists scrapped:

Hooks: hook section wear more than 10% of the standard size, cracks hook, hook deformation than 10%, a 15% increase in the hook mouth of standard size;

Lifting chain: chain ring diameter wear than the standard 10%, more than 5% elongation single link standard length of cracks on the link;

Gear: Wear the gear thickness of more than 10% of the standard thickness of gear cracks or broken gear teeth appear, friction and wear 25% more than the standard friction plate thickness, sprocket groove wear more than 10% the size of standard grooves, bearing wear exceeds 15% of standard size.

Chain hoists applies to which profession?

JENTAN chain hoists good quality, excellent quality, but also by the majority of users, if you are interested in buying our products, you can always call our sales hotline, we will be happy to serve you.

    Chain hoists in the country is still very widely used, the following Xiaobian simple for you to elaborate:

For factories, miners, agriculture, electricity, construction of production and construction, cargo lifting, loading and unloading of vehicles, especially for open and no power supply, more of its important function. In addition it can be used alone, and various types of supporting the use of the composition TROLLEYS Hand lifting and transport cart, walk around to achieve to enhance the function of weight for overhead monorail transport, single girder overhead crane and jib crane.

Chain hoists wear and tear to a certain extent, chain hoists to be scrapped not be used. So what part the loss to what extent be considered retirement? Here we give explain.

When group hanging chain hoists can use it?

Chain hoists are pulled by human hands zip and sprocket drive, and finally lifting chain lifting chain drive rotates to drive extract means lifting crane hoists. Some people will ask, can group hanging chain hoists used to use it? First, we, the chain hoists can be used for hanging the group. It is mainly used in the field, lifting homework engineering work environment in the absence of power, as chain hoists, small size, convenient to carry, use and maintenance also are relatively simple to manipulate, so the chain hoist is lifting tool in sales The maximum amount of a product. Chain hoists can use more than one group hanging, usually hanging chain hoists group is mainly for those operating a large-scale equipment lifting methods will be used. About procedure used chain hoists, here we come to you with a case to explain: for example: the use of four chain hoists, each carrying 20 tons a four-point lifting program. Why do this? Each chain hoists safe load is 20 tons, even with a four-station chain hoists chain hoists can not synchronize its lifting or lowering. The other three also can carry the weight of its own weight, or even four a broken chain hoist station, the other three can also withstand impact and chain scission due to the weight of their own weight.

Role chain hoists

Advantages and disadvantages of chain hoists chain is an important part of chain hoists, chain directly affects the quality of all the quality started to pull the gourd. We can through the chain's strengths and weaknesses, to acquire more knowledge of chain hoists.

Advantages: Chain is a steadily connection is made, easy to bend. Load in the air after the chain is not easy to rotate.

Disadvantages: Flexible small, highly important or after impact, very fragile. If the chain because of excessive weight or other reasons withstand rupture and difficult to detect, suddenly, causing an accident. Chain of self-important, when landing hook, 若果 fast, large inertia, it is generally more wire rope lifting machinery. There is friction between the chain links and links, so the top of the chain wear.

JENTAN chain hoists maintenance and maintenance of knowledge

Also known as chain hoists or manual hoist down chain, it is light weight, easy to carry, high durability and efficiency advantages, so it is more widely used. Its daily maintenance and maintenance with high demand for chain hoists maintenance, to introduce some simple routine maintenance methods:

1. After use, should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust gourd oil, stored in a dry place to prevent damp rust and corrosion chain hoists.

2. Maintenance and service should be performed by those who are more familiar with the structure of chain hoists, hoist with kerosene parts, gears and bearings in part, add oil for lubrication.

3. The brake friction surfaces must be kept clean. Brakes should be inspected regularly part to prevent brake failure occurs weights from falling phenomenon.

The chain hoists lifting sprocket roller bearings about available adheres butter has pressed the sprocket is mounted on the lifting journal bearing inner ring, and then into the wall of the bearing outer ring.

5. chain hoists when installing brake device section, pay attention to the ratchet and pawl claw portion engages alveolar good control of the pawl springs should be flexible and reliable, started after the installation sprocket wheel rotates clockwise bracelet, it will ratchet , brake friction plate is pressed against the seat, counterclockwise rotation bracelet round, between the ratchet and friction plates should be left void.

6. gourd after cleaning and maintenance, load test should be conducted to confirm working, reliable braking can be delivered.

Why do so many people choose to JENTAN chain hoists

Today JENTAN chain hoists are the first choice for most users, but this is why? Why are more and more users choose our products? In order to make the majority of users of our chain hoists no longer in doubt, today we will be specifically talk about exactly what it is "charm" an attractive place: JENTAN high cost chain hoists, chain hoists not only our low price and high performance, I believe users have already used fully understood, The selection of cost-effective commodity is every user's choice; attractive place two: chain hoists not plenty of beautiful appearance, should a lso have a strong "internal." Our accessory chain hoists are used superior material, which has been very good quality assurance, so our chain hoists not only looked comfortable, with a more assured; attractive place three: Our extremely easy to use chain hoists , not only to lift heavy cargo and for small and no power in the workplace, as capable of "duck", greatly improving the efficiency of our work. JENTAN chain hoists have so many advantages, I believe that every user will be its "charm" that fold down, I hope more and more users can experience the advantages of chain hoists lies.

JENTAN lever hoist How to care and maintenance

Lever hoist is a kind of high-end products, with a full-featured, high-strength chain, lifting drive and reliable in the industry. We not only have to learn how to use lever hoist, you should know how to maintain and care?

     1. after use should be cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil, stored in a dry and ventilated place.

     2. Maintenance and service should be the person familiar with the machine performance to prevent the free entry.

     3. Install the gear to operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

     The brake friction surfaces must be kept clean.

     5. After cleaning check lever hoist, should be a variety of tests to confirm the safety before they can be delivered. Victory Machinery Co., Ltd. lever hoist has a reliable quality, with the majority of users a high evaluation. These are the lever hoist maintenance methods to provide you with the correct use and maintenance, we can extend its life, let us work more smoothly!

Eighteen principle hoist maintenance

Hoist good care, life will be greatly enhanced, poor maintenance of electric hoist easy to damage, to their cause unnecessary losses. Victory manual hoist machinery as the industry leader, but also summed up the eighteen principles carefully hoist product maintenance:

    1. New installation or by check after dismantling electric hoist installation, commissioning should first be empty several times. But before installation, avoid power test switch.

    2. The work should be carried out before 125% of the rated load, lifting off the ground about 100 mm, 10 minutes of static load test to check whether it is normal.

    3. The dynamic load test was rated load weight, as repeatedly lift and move around the test, check the mechanical transmission parts after the test, the electrical part and the connecting portion is normally reliable.

    4. In use, the absolute prohibition in impermissible environment, and exceed the rated load and rated switch per hour (120 times) the case.

    5. installation and maintenance, must be strictly limiting device is flexible and reliable inspection, when the limit was raised to the position of the hook, hook it to the shell casing from the reel must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook is lowered to the limit position, it should ensure that the reel ring rope safe, effective and safe rings must be at least 2 laps.

    6. Press the two are not allowed in the opposite direction of the electric hoist motion control pendant button.

    7. After the completion of work necessary to supply the total gate opened, cut off the power.

    8. hoist by hand manipulation, the operator should fully understand the safety rules, non-hanging crooked oblique pull.

    9. Use the hoist must be checked regularly by specialized personnel and found that failure to take timely measures, and recorded carefully.

    10. adjust the amount of electric hoist brake the decline, should ensure that the rated load, the amount of brake decline S≤V / 100 (V for the load within the next minute and stable lifting of the distance).

    11. scrapped rope: rope examination and discard criteria according to CB / T5972-1986 "Lifting wire rope inspection and scrap of practice" implementation.

    12. Use hoist must be kept enough oil, lubricating oil and keep clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.

    13. oiled rope should use a stiff brush or wood chips, non-direct hand rope to a working oil.

    14. electric hoist does not work, do not allow the weights suspended the air, preventing permanent deformation of parts.

    15. During use, if we find fault, should immediately cut off the main power supply.

    16. Use should pay special attention to the vulnerability of the situation.

    17.10 ~ 20 t hoist after long time continuous operation, automatic power-off phenomenon may occur, which is a function of the motor overheating protection, then you can decrease over time, to continue to work until the motor cooled down.

    18. This is the most important principle to buy the hoist to as their own home products to use, be diligent maintenance, should be the law, to learn professional knowledge, be professional maintenance!

Lever hoist effective maintenance:

1. Before using the lever hoist, should check the movement of the handle is flexible, whether friction parts lubricating oil, if found abnormal movement of the handle should be repaired. 

    2. The work is prohibited while the handle is pulled forward and backwards to。 

    3. The work should be careful not remove the handle pulled loose, avoid overloading use。 

    4. While high-altitude operations, safety devices must be attached, shall be used。 

    5.When lifting the basket for high-level construction, the workload for the original load 1/3 load and add safety device。 

    6.Always check the condition of the rope, if crushed broken wire, loose from the drum can not continue to use。


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